Graphenstone: It’s time to paint a different world

Graphenstone: It’s time to paint a different world

Painting our walls is one of the obvious ways to transform our home and give it a new lease life. We choose colours to suit the rooms and our mood; we get our inspiration from the world of colours and contrasts we live in, and our homes become our great big canvases.

 But did you know that our choice of paint can have lasting effects on our health and the environment?  Here is why and how we can change this by choosing low VOC, eco-friendly paints.

 First, understanding VOC. VOC stands for "volatile organic compound." These carbon-based chemicals evaporate in the air at low temperatures. You can find VOCs in a wide range of indoor products: Air fresheners, cleaning products, varnish, and paints. They can be odourless but most of them can be detectable by a strong smell. Remember that smell of a freshly painted room? And the dizziness, the headaches, the nausea? And amongst those most likely to suffer from the harmful effects of VOCs are painters, children, the elderly, and anyone with respiratory conditions such as asthma.

In 2020, we went on a mission: sourcing the most eco-friendly paint we could find. And we did. Graphenstone. 100% natural paint made of limestone, and graphene (+silicate for the colour range). Graphene is a remarkable material (200x stronger than structural steel, 1000x more conductive than copper and 20% flexibility without cracking) first discovered in 2004 at the university of Manchester winning the Nobel prize for physics in 2010.

Here is what John Thorogood (Graphenstone UK) has to say. “The Graphenstone paint range is completely unique. We hold all the sustainability and health credentials for natural paints, but with the strength and durability of Graphene to rival the modern acrylics. It is 100% natural and sustainable, and has zero VOCs, acrylics, formaldehydes, benzene, or plastics of the more often used trade paints. Absolutely on toxicity!

Our products Ecosphere and Ambient Pro absorb carbon dioxide at an incredible rate. 3x15L buckets of our paint will absorb as much carbon dioxide as a fully grown tree can in one year. And for the toughest finish available, our mixed mineral paint Grafclean is the perfect choice.  Hardwearing and washable, it is ideal for almost any busy environment, inside and out.  Whilst this paint doesn't absorb Co2, it is still remarkably clean and healthy to the highest global standards, (cradle to cradle bronze certified and Eurofins indoor air comfort Gold accreditation) free of VOCs and any other toxicities.

And because our paint does not contain any petrochemicals, formaldehydes, or other chemicals, it has no real smell. When painting, it just smells wet. It has a naturally high ph. of 12 which means nothing likes to grow on it, taking care of any potential problems of algae, mould, fungus, and bacteria. It allows buildings to breath and lets moisture pass through it.
It’s time to paint a different world. To turn it around and transform our today into a tomorrow for everyone”.

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