Nature: The master of colour combinations

Nature: The master of colour combinations

Choosing your colour scheme can be daunting but once you have done it, trust me, you will feel so much better for getting rid of the magnolia walls!

Here is an easy way to get you started: inspire yourself from nature. Because nature is the master of colour combinations. Endless combinations. A garden, a hill, the sea, the sky, picture your happy place and start from there.

A garden will offer you incredible of shades of green, combined with bolder or more subtle colours you can find in flowers: yellows, pinks, reds, purple...Pick one of those to be your dominant colour and use some of the others to compliment your scheme. For example, one colour on the wall and a different one for the inside of your fireplace or the mantelpiece. (Colours in the above mood board: William Yeoward Gardener's PathAndrew Martin ConstantinopleDesigners Guild Wicket)

The sea and the sky will provide you with astonishing perfect palettes. The combination of blues, sands and different whites, will give any room a calming feel. (Colours in the above mood board: William Yeoward Blue Shutters Zoffany PrussianSanderson Sky Grey)

The most beautiful colour combinations are found in nature and often on your doorstep. Walls don't have to be magnolia....

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