The Eco-Friendliest 

Lime and graphene combined form the ultimate ecological natural coating and paint in the world. This is why Graphenstone products have excellent performance and covering properties. Thanks to their flexibility, the coatings neither crack nor flake.

  • Natural VOC Free paints
  • Chemical and preservative free
  • Air Purifying  - removing CO2 and other toxins (*Three 15 litre buckets of Graphenstone paint absorbs more than 10Kg of CO2, the same amount as an adult tree weighing 250kg in one year.)
  • Fully breathable
  • Hardwearing

    It improves air quality of indoor environments, prevents mould growth, fungi and bacteria, guarantees safe domestic environments and increases comfort and quality of life. 

    It is suitable for people suffering from chemical intolerance.

    As a guide only, 18 square metre per 1L matt wall emulsion.